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25G/100G Data Center Solution Next-generation data center network with hyperscale,
ultra-low latency and automatic operation

25G/100G: The Mainstream Architecture in Internet IDC
Reduced Cost
Per Bit
Benefits from
Low Convergence
Key Features of Ruijie’s 25G/100G Network Solution
Hyper Scale

• Single cluster>100,000 servers

• Centralized computing to reduce cost

Low Latency

• Enable RDMA business with ultra-low latency

• Leverage PFC and ECN to provide end-to-end lossless forwarding for RDMA


• Enable configuration, operation and maintenance automation

• Centralized computing to reduce cost


• Enhance INT to monitor the path and latency of data stream forwarding end-to-end

• Leverage gRPC open interface to rapidly expand

Support for Hyper-scale Networking
  • 2-level architecture based on
    BOX switches
  • 3-level architecture based on
    POD horizontal expansion
  • 3-level architecture based on
    scale-out POD - chip update
Ultra-low Latency Based on RDMA Technology
Deliver Large-scale Cluster Quickly with Zero Configuration

Automatic Equipment Deployment Based on Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

• Automatically deploy switches (TOR), just like servers, to boost efficiency in IDC construction
• Automatically send the auto-generated configuration scripts (including OS software) to switches

  • Enter ZTP mode


  • Request server address and profile


  • Respond with requested information

    DHCP server

  • Download the profile or executable scripts

    TFTP server

  • Load the configuration files or run the script


Visual Monitoring with INT and GRPC

Visualize “Black Box” with In-band Network Telemetry (INT)

Monitor the latency and path of the relevant data streams end-to-end based on hardware.

Monitor the State of Switches’ Buffer with gRPC in Real Time

With the help of gRPC, the Switch itself and Buffer were comprehensively managed.

Customer Case


Alibaba is one of the world’s top Internet companies, where the data center infrastructure plays a key role in supporting its rapid development in e-commerce and cloud businesses. To meet various unexpected business challenges, Ruijie Networks, as a major network equipment supplier of Alibaba, provides 25G/100G data center solutions to help Alibaba create a data center network with high bandwidth, low latency, hyper scale and outstanding scalability.


Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, whose massive network infrastructure requires substantial support from network equipment suppliers. With its strong R&D capabilities, Ruijie Networks has stood out to be a major partner for Baidu’s shift from Gigabit network to 10G network. In the era of 25G/100G network, Ruijie Networks expands its partnership with Baidu to innovate and create the next-generation data center network.


As a major network equipment supplier of Tencent, Ruijie Networks has delivered 10G and 25G/100G data centers for Tencent, which accelerated the delivery of Tencent’s independently-operated businesses, as well as its public cloud businesses. With their close partnership in technical areas, Ruijie Networks expands its cooperation with Tencent to innovate in cutting-edge technologies such as SDN, SRv6 and programmable chips, and yielded fruitful results. is the largest independently-operated e-commerce provider in China, whose business covers e-commerce, finance and logistics. As a leading data communication network service provider in China, Ruijie Networks has established an all-round partnership in technical areas with and provides it with advanced solutions in areas like data center, campus network and warehouse wireless network, making it a trusted network technology supplier of


ByteDance is one of China’s fastest-growing Internet companies. With the explosive growth in its businesses, it requires a faster data center network infrastructure, while meeting the stringent demands of new businesses like AI in high bandwidth and low latency. Ruijie Networks has provided ByteDance with a number of 10G and 25G/100G data center networks, which has been well recognized by the customer for its excellent products, technologies and services. With technologies like PFC and ECN, Ruijie Networks laid foundation for ByteDance’s businesses such as RDMA at scale, allowing for its faster response to business requirements.

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