At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, Ruijie Networks, an industry-leading network infrastructure and solution provider, showcased its cloud data center, 5G, and optical network products and solutions that fully integrate technologies and applications. Ruijie Networks is dedicated to assisting various industries and organizations in establishing service-oriented, intelligent, simplified, efficient, and eco-friendly network infrastructure to address present and future challenges, fostering a future of boundless opportunities.

High-Performance and Eco-friendly Data Center Products

Data centers face the dual challenges of high-performance and green, low-carbon operation. It is challenging to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and promote intelligent collaboration all at the same time. Ruijie Networks continuously innovates based on customer needs and has developed optimal solutions for both high-performance and green, low-carbon operation.

The RG-N18000-XHswitch is a next-generation 400GE core switch for data center networks, featuring a switching capacity of 230.4 Tbps and 768 400GE ports. It can be upgraded to be configured with an 800GE line card, meeting the requirements of data center networks for high-speed interconnection, security, reliability, and energy efficiency over the next decade. More details here

The 51.2 Tbps silicon photonics NPO switch and the 25.6 Tbps silicon photonics CPO switch launched by Ruijie Networks adopt cold-plate liquid-cooling design to efficiently cool high-density heat sources within limited space. Additionally, Ruijie Networks has made significant innovations in fiber cable management, inter-board connector layout, heat dissipation system design, and switch motherboard power supply design during the product development process.

Collaborating with several top-tier Internet customers, Ruijie Networks has iterated on the 25GE/100GE and 100GE/400GE fixed switches, known for their cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and flexible network design. This architecture supports the intelligent, agile, and efficient operations of next-generation networks. More details here

Ruijie Networks has been collaborating with mainstream cloud platforms and planning the development of the next-generation ultra-fast, ultra-simple, ultra-smart, lossless, low-carbon, and open data center network.

Flexible and High-Performance 5G Indoor Small-Cell Solution

5G is currently under construction. Complex indoor 5G coverage scenarios, intricate resource allocation for integrated 5G and Wi-Fi products, and the ongoing iteration and evolution from 4G to 5G have posed significant challenges to operators in the construction and deployment of 5G networks.

Ruijie Networks provides an end-to-end 5G coverage solution, including the BBU, pHUB, and pRRU. The solution has robust 5G and Wi-Fi networking capabilities: Up to 384 pRRUs can be connected to a BBU, flexible switching between built-in and external antennas is supported, and a single pRRU supports up to six wireless access points (APs). Furthermore, flexible resource adjustment is supported. The 5G/4G integrated distributed units support 5G/4G dual-mode, enabling newly-built 5G networks to be compatible with 4G networks. Ruijie Networks provides a flexible 5G indoor coverage network solution with lower cost, higher performance, and easier deployment for operators on demand, and supports overall technical evolution. More details here

Intrigued by Ruijie's innovations, visitors explore the future of networking.


Simplified Optical Ethernet Solution for Smart Campus, Adapting to Future Business Evolution

The construction of enterprise and organizational campus networks presents new challenges with the emergence of Wi-Fi 7, 5G, VR, and the Internet of Things (IoT), which demand higher bandwidth. Legacy networks are limited in performance and bandwidth, and require frequent re-cabling to keep up with new network requirements, leading to excessive time and labor costs.

To address these issues, Ruijie Networks has launched the Simplified Optical Ethernet (SOE) Solution, catering to the evolution of next-generation all-optical Ethernet networks. This solution enables a campus network to be deployed in the Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) method and uses the Layer 2 passive networking and SDN technology to provide campus network services over an exclusive GE/10GE network with high bandwidth, low latency, high flexibility, and simplified O&M in the Internet of Everything (IoE) era. This solution supports service evolution in the next decade and guarantees application experience and return on investment (ROI).More details here 

Click to experience an immersive look at the Simplified Optical Ethernet Solution for Smart Campuses through interactive 3D models.

All-Optical Wireless Solution Overcoming Distance and Power Supply Limitations

Organizations often have diverse wireless network construction needs across various environments. For instance, within a campus network, the dormitory, office, outdoor areas, and public facilities, each present unique requirements. The restricted Power over Ethernet (PoE) distance of power cables can constrain device placement and power supply options. How should we address this challenge?

Ruijie Networks has introduced a scenario-based all-optical wireless solution that leverages a hybrid cable to reduce costs and simplify deployment. This solution overcomes power supply and cable limitations, supporting long-distance data transmission within a range of 500 to 1500 meters. It delivers both data and power, enabling organizations to expand their network as wireless technology advances. More details here


  Dedicated to the enterprise market, our All-Optical Wireless Solution supports a variety of network scenarios for businesses.


Whole-home Wi-Fi Coverage Solution for Medium to Large Houses

In medium to large houses, wireless roaming interruptions or weak wall-penetrating capabilities of Wi-Fi signals often lead to poor network experience. Ruijie Networks has launched a Wi-Fi solution specifically designed for medium and large houses. The solution uses a unified home network management platform to analyze and optimize the network through AI, and enables remote troubleshooting, ensuring that home Wi-Fi users can enjoy a seamless indoor Wi-Fi experience. More details here


The design of the Whole-home Wi-Fi Coverage Solution ensures a seamless indoor Wi-Fi experience by leveraging AI technology.

Intelligent technologies are developing rapidly, leading to a surge in application scenarios. Cloud, 5G/6G, AI, and other technologies are driving the creation of new possibilities. Moving forward, Ruijie Networks will continue to innovate to creatively solve customer challenges and connect to a better digital future with organizations across various industries.

About Ruijie Networks

Ruijie Networks, founded in 2003, is a leading network infrastructure and solution provider. We are always committed to fully integrating technologies with applications, and creatively solving customer challenges. Ruijie Networks has eight R&D centers, more than 8,000 employees, and a global presence in over 80 countries and regions across diverse industries. For more information, please follow @Ruijie