Whatever involved in the certification examination, especially examination questions and answers, shall not be disseminated in any manner.

Violating Examination Rules

If candidates or other people violate examination rules, such as cheating and disclosing examination questions, Ruijie Networks shall disqualify the candidates from taking the examinations, and invalidate the obtained certificates. Legal actions will be taken against severe cases.


The RGID is an unique identification of a candidate for Ruijie certification examinations and is valid through the lifetime. The RGID can be used in the following cases:

1. Examination enrollment. When you enter for Pearson VUE, you must first obtain the RGID and then enter the RGID on the Pearson VUE website. An incorrect RGID may disable a candidate from obtaining the certificate.

2. Results inquiry. You must enter the RGID for inquiring the result of each subject.

3. Issuing Certificate . Concerning that the ID may involve personal privacy, the certificate of the new version only uses the RGID instead of ID numbers to uniquely identify a candidate.

4. Certificate validation. The RGID is required for the potential employers to checking the validity of certificates

Personal Information

Candidates must enter personal information correctly when taking the examinations, and shall be responsible for any consequences in that concern.

Exam Result Announcement

Exam results of subjects by computer are automatically displayed after the examination is completed. Ruijie Networks does not send the result report separately.

Results of subjects by written test are emailed to candidates within seven working days after Ruijie networks received and finished the marking of the examination papers.

Certificate Awarding

For candidates who are eligible to obtain certificates, Ruijie Networks will deliver the certificates within 45 days after the result of the last subject is published.