Wi-Fi 6 is used to build a high-density meeting room to ensure the network experience for thousands of people by Shandong Lunan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Lunan Pharmaceutical Group is a comprehensive pharmaceutical group that integrates the production, research and sales of pharmaceuticals, chemical drugs and biological products. Its customers must take an examination of national pharmaceutical representatives at the headquarters every year. On February 9, 2019, Lunan Pharmaceutical held the annual annual summary meeting. During the meeting, nearly 6,000 people of the group had to organize the annual examination and take the examination through the mobile client. Due to the limited area of the examination room and the intensive personnel, the examination process must ensure that the wireless network is 100% stable and smooth. Based on the layout of the examination room and high-density access, Ruijie provides a customized Wi-Fi 6 deployment solution, combined with professional after-sales service as a guarantee, creating a high-speed, safe and stable wireless environment for users, which guarantees thousands of people having smooth Wi-Fi experience.