Customer Background

Paris Nha Trang is a 4-star hotel, highlighted by a unique architectural West - France romantic. The hotel has 132 rooms in total including Superior, Deluxe, executive Sea View and luxury apartments. With its advanced infrastructure and unique services. The hotel attracts many international visitors, mainly from Russia and China.

Pain points

l  Previous network solution has weak signal and unstable connection;

l  Poor Wi-Fi caused poor rating on OTA websites;

With no IT staff, the hotel’s maintenance and support all depend on network partner. The slow response kept decreasing customer satisfaction and reputation of the hot

Customer Benefits:

l  Better Wi-Fi performance of RG-AP720-L helps to enhance rating on OTA websites

l  Cloud Management platform Ruijie Cloud helps to increase customer’s satisfaction. Ruijie partner can actively know the problem through cloud remote control platform, and do the problem shooting remotely even before the owner doesn’t notice.



At first, customer didn’t believe in Ruijie, so we just replaced 50% to make comparison. Now Ruijie has shown a huge difference in Wi-Fi experience. We are proceeding to next step, replace 100% to Ruijie!


Mr. Hiếu, director of HKT Solution, Golden Partner of Ruijie