Being a seafront resort in Antalya, Club Marco Polo is a well-known 5-star hotel in Türkiye. For outdoor area, it has a long beach (300m) and 2044m² of swimming pool. For indoor space, it accommodates 530 rooms with 1223 beds, 5 restaurants.


Project Background

•       Previously, there was a weak Wi-Fi coverage area around beach and pool side. After received the outdoor hotel Wi-Fi Complain from clients, IT team contacted Ruijie for new Wi-Fi solution.

•       For IT manager, it was also difficult to manage and maintain the large networks, and IT team cannot check and solve the networks issue on time.

Project Challenges

·         Limited IT engineers, requiring an all-in-one networks solution

·         Low satisfaction from most outdoor hotel Wi-Fi users

·         No centralized cloud controller from the previous hotel Wi-Fi vendor


Ruijie Solutions

•        The AP740-I with X-Sense 4, accurately calculates the location of smart devices and improves the signal strength accordingly with dynamic combinations of antennas, ensuring the best signal coverage for hotel Wi-Fi solution.

•        Outdoor wireless AP630(IDA2) support 802.11ac wave, can support maximum 512 concurrent clients and provide high density wireless access for outdoor hotel Wi-Fi scenarios.

•        Ruijie Cloud provides wireless 7/24 optimization and monitoring for IT team for hotel Wi-Fi solution.

•        Ruijie and local partners provide high quality IT support and maintenance service.


Customer Benefit

·         Ruijie Cloud provides seamless roaming for hotel Wi-Fi solution, both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi Networks.

·         Ruijie Cloud can fully manage both Ruijie wirelesses and SMB switches, IT team can check the network status in any place and at any time;

·         Ruijie indoor and outdoor AP offers excellent wireless experience. Even during the crowded pool music events, each user can do social media Live fluently.


Customer Testimonial

“Perfect performance of Ruijie indoor and outdoor hotel Wi-Fi solution and Ruijie Cloud. Ruijie offers competitive price and high quality aftersales service.”

- IT Team from Club Marco Polo Hotel