The Ruijie AP710 is a cost effective 802.11ac access point with 2x2 MIMO and concurrent Dual-band design, data rate of upto 1.167Gbps.

Taking advantage of Ruijie hybrid management flexibility, customer can choose the Lifetime FREE Ruijie Cloud Management and Hardware Controller for varies fast-changing business needs.

No matter cloud or hardware-based controller, all integrated with advanced radio optimization, wireless roaming as well as secure authentication out-of-box. The entry AP710 with balanced performance perfect for small to medium office, retail chains and budget hotel for their indoor scenarios.


Best Price-Performance Choice

With 802.11ac Concurrent Dual-Band design, the AP710 data rate is up to 1.167Gbps, sufficient for majority small office and retail store environment. Plus 100% Cloud Management and 3-Year Warranty, the entry AP710 provides the perfect balanced of price performance for small-medium business users.

802.11ac Dual-Band
100% Cloud Management
3-Year Warranty
Migration from 11n to 11ac

The AP710 adopts 802.11ac standard with data rate up to 1.167Gbps, providing 2.5 times faster experience than previous generation of 802.11n.

Hidden Cabling Design

The AP710 employs a simplistic and stylish design to fit different scenarios.

Flexible Hybrid Management

3 different management modes for selection, perfect for your ever changing business needs

Simple & Basic connectivity
Cloud Management
Easy & Effective Choice without Provisioning
Hardware Controller
High Performance with 3rd Party Integration
Hassle-free Authentication
PPSK Enterprise Authentication
New experience feature to manage wireless password for staffs in secure and simple way
Captive Portal Authentication
Integrated easy portal for Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot
Zero Provisioning

No Software Installation
4-Step Fast Provisioning by Ruijie Cloud Mobile APP

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